Thursday, 23 March 2017

Open Sunday 26th March

Venue drying out as week goes on so plan is to open this Sunday. It will be very much an enduro day as Motocross Tracks still being worked on . Easy Track 1 down the bottom , Track 5 which is tough ungraded one, short enduro loop on top of hill and 15km will all definitely be available.
Usual 10 am opening until 5pm. Adults £22 Kids £15. Last run on 15km enduro loop must have started by 3.30pm and any kids riding this loop must be accompanied at all times.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Training and Taster days

 Training and Offers

We have a selection of bikes to provide training and that offroad experience to all ages and levels of experience. We are especially well equipped to help someone to ride a motorbike for the first time or introduce riders to the experience of riding a motorcycle off road.

1 Hour one to one Training with bike hire and provision of protective clothing  £50

1 Hour one to one  Training with own bike  £35

4 hour introduction to Trials with bike hire and protective clothing  £100

4 HOUR OFF ROAD TASTER with introduction to basic off road riding skills and experience riding motocross, trials and enduro with bike hire and provision of protective clothing. ( 2 RIDERS PER SESSION)  £120 each.

We will be providing further products and experiences in due course.

Contact Robbie 07711363141 or  to discuss your indivual needs and arrange a time to introduce yourself to offroad motorcycling or develop your skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.